About 318 Custom Design Studio

Hello my name is Brad Talbott and for the passed 14 years our company has been in the t-shirt design business and we feel its time folks had a option to design their shirts based on THEIR own styles and taste not ours.  So we are proud to announce our new service that allows you, the customer, 100% artistic control of your shirts.  With tons of options that will allow you to insert your art, use our art or even photos you can create your shirts how you like them.  Gone are the days of a department stores telling you what to wear you can design your own stuff.  Best part is the minimum order is 1 SHIRT not 6 or more like many sites.  If you have any questions on how to design your site check out our video’s, FAQ page or call our customer service number M-F 9-5 EST.


1. The higher the resolution the better the quality of print.


2. Once you have finished the design test it out on other colors of shirts to make sure you get the best color match you are looking for.


3. Avoid copyrighted artwork and logo’s unless you have permission for use.


4. Take your time, save your artwork and share it with friends they may have some great ideas to help you with.


5. Don’t be afraid to play with the colors you can easily restart.


6. Stuck? Don’t give up, call or email us for help and include your phone number so we can design with you we have as much fun doing this as you do.


Q:  What is the min order?

A: 1


Q:  Is their a discounted price for large orders?

A: Yes, if you need 50 or more shirts call our customer service phone number for pricing.


Q:  Can I change the colors of the pre-loaded artwork?

A:  Yes but only when using artwork from the Design Ideas section of the Artwork tab.


Q:  Can I save my work and come back later?

A:  Yes, once you have created a account all your art work can be saved their as well as shared so if doing art work for a group you’ll be able yo email each version to members for comments.


Q:  How long does it take for my shirt to be delivered.

A:  7-10 days is our normal time, we are based in Chatanooga, TN and ship with all major services.


Q:  I am stuck how do I get help?

A:  Please we love to help call our help line or email us and we will be glad to help.

Contact Us

Email: info@318gear.com


Customer service phone number is: